Exam fees

Exam fees are to be paid in Hungarian Forints (HUF).

Current exam fees in HUF:

Type of the exam


       Level 1

       Level 2

       Level 3





















All four skills:





Other fees related to the language exam:

Rescheduling fee:

The fee for rescheduling an exam is 4000 HUF.

Fee for consulting a language teacher about an exam paper:

If the candidate requests a detailed explanation of his or her exam paper from a language teacher at a specified time, he or she is to pay an administration fee equivalent to 20 percent of the exam fee.

Fee for review:

If the candidate requests the re-assessment of his or her test paper by a third language teacher, a fee is to be paid. The reassessment fee is 20 percent of the relevant exam fee.

Fee for the replacement of a lost non-accredited NATO STANAG 6001 certificate:

If the candidate has lost his or her non-accredited certificate and needs a replacement, a fee of 2000 HUF is to be paid.

Fee for reprinting a NATO STANAG 6001 accredited certificate:

If the candidate provides incorrect personal data and due to this a new certificate has to be printed, the candidate will have to pay a fee, which is 300 percent of the printing costs of the certificate.

A new certificate is printed only if there is a mistake in the name of the examinee.

In case of an incorrect time or date of birth on the certificate, the authorities issue only a written statement with the correct time or date on it. The statement is to be attached to the accredited certificate.

A request for reprinting a certificate for the above mentioned reasons can be made to the authorities within a year of the issue date of the certificate.

Cancelling a registration

Candidates who have registered for an exam, but decide to cancel it before the registration deadline expires, will be reimbursed 100 percent of the exam fee. If the candidate cancels his or her exam after the registration deadline but not later than the day before the exam period starts, he or she will be reimbursed 50 percent of the exam fee. If the candidate cancels his or her exam on the day when the exam period starts or later, the exam fee cannot be reimbursed.